Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm wondering whether this is the beginning of the end, if my photojournalism days might be numbered... I sure hope not.

Go to for more information on this program.

Produced by Mobo Studios
Directed by Jeronimo Nisa
Music by Kevin MacLeod

Post Production: Ryan Sims
Camera: Jeronimo Nisa, Ryan Sims, Suhyun "Dawn" Shim
Producers: Michelle Amaral, Gwena Sims
Dog trainer/owner: Jessica Bush

Homeless Dog: Judy
Mom: Maree Jones
Dad: Russell Jones
Son: Dalton Jones

Home of Tamela and Darrell Seymour in Birmingham, AL


LLuis Prats said...

Molt bé!!!!!!!!!! Sencillo, claro y breve!!!!
Me ha gustado!

LLuis Prats

David R. said...

Swell work, Jero! It's sometimes tough working with animals - but it must be your magnetic personality that turned "Judy" into a star!

Jeronimo Nisa said...

Great hearing from you.

The merit is all Judy's and, especially, her owner's, Jessica Bush. And... well, the fact that we had two cameras rolling in almost every take (one on a tripod, with a long lens; another one hand-held, with wide lens) so we could have enough stuff to cut the piece later.

It was exhausting (over 5 hours of shooting, plus I don't know how many of editing) for just 30 seconds of final product!

Thanks for visiting and merry christmas!

cohnhead said...

This idea of shipping dogs to New England thing still takes some getting used to. I know several folks with dogs through the program, though.

katie said...

WHOA!!! this is awesome!!