Saturday, June 30, 2007

More fires, bike stunts and another pool pic

We've had a fire each and everyday over the past week (sometimes 2 fires on the same day). A couple of days ago, when I got back to the newsroom, people ran away from me because of the smell of ashes and sweat... Fortunately there haven't been human casualties, but all these wonderful landscapes around town are beginning to look like the moon's surface.

For Andrei

Hey gangsta,
I've been working hard on my flash and would like to know your opinion about the ratios this time. Thanks, pal.

This person was lining the streets of Springville with flags to receive a dead soldier's body (he was killed in Irak)

(self explanatory)

Friday, June 22, 2007


That was a good class, man. I won't say "i'm gonna miss those guys" because i am already missing them.
For those of you who don't know them, let me do the introductions:
BACK ROW (from left): Josh Vince (currently shooting for the McAllen Monitor, in TX); next is me; Adrianne Bonafede (currently shooting in the mountains of North Carolina, in a musical place called Braveheart, Bereaved, Brownwoods, or something like that --sorry, Adrianne, I just never got it right); Bea Wallace (currently working as picture editor for Time in NYC); Magda Sakaan (Columbia Missourian ADOP, but not for long: she's about to move to Jordan --or is it Syria?); Aaron Eisenhauer (currently working for a newspaper, whose name I can't remember either, in Cape Girardeau, MO); Stephen Nellis (currently working for a newspaper somewhere in the California desert --could it be Barstow?); Andrei Pungovschi (working for the AP in Seattle).
FRONT ROW: Adam Wisneski (working for a newspaper in Tulsa, OK) and Brandon Kruse (working for the Courier Times in Philly).
There's one person missing, the one who took this picture, David Rees.
David, you should send us another one with you in it.
Cheers, guys.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


HEADS & FLAMES (a "Danish" look?... no offense intended)

It was 100 degrees, very dry and windy... So, to celebrate it, we had a bush fire

Jeremy, my boss here, was about to leave to shoot a flag retirement ceremony and he told me: "you can choose between going to a council meeting and come back with a headshot or coming with me and see what this flag burning is about.." Needless to say, I passed the council meeting. When we got there, I saw all those boy scouts and I felt like I was 50 years back in time, inside a Norman Rockwell drawing, and I quite forgot about the burning flags...


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

THIRD WEEK (or whatever)

Trying to look at graduations a little bit differently

Messing around with flash and exposure...


Utah Lake Fest

Scottish Fest & Highland Games (slideshow coming soon)

Mormon missionary training center

Monday, June 4, 2007


Q: What happens when two Mizzou buddies come across each other on a golf course?
A: They forget about the golf open and start taking pictures of each other...
This is Chris Detrick, who works for the Salt Lake Tribune...

...and this is me (photos by Chris Detrick)

And this is what I was shooting when Chris shot me

Kids' car seats check
When I was about to take this picture, I remembered what Rita said about bouncing flash off a cement surface (there was something good about gray color). Well this wasn't cement, but it was gray anyway. And it worked. The only reason I include this pic here is to show my appreciation to her.

Provo Open

Buggy days... yihaaaa!

And, of course, more graduations...