Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A couple of months back, I posted some pictures here, the very first ones I took of a story I was working on. I finished it and it was published two sundays ago. I think I'm lucky to work for a newspaper that gave me 2 and a half pages for that. Not the kind of thing we're used to in these times of less and less print. Yeah, true, it was in the lifestyles section, but who really cares?

I also did an audio slideshow for the newspaper's website. You can listen to Collis Crayton and see more pictures by CLIKING HERE

Thursday, May 21, 2009


The worshipers' ghosts in the Coca-Cola temple.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I've come to the realization that many of the things that Americans take for granted, that I myself take for granted (after having lived here for over 3 years), are not that "normal", or rather common, in other places. Since this blog has now visitors from Europe (mainly Spain), I'm going to start posting pictures about events/people that may seem common or normal for most US citizens, but which, for others not so used to them, still carry that distinctive American Flavor. After all, I'm a foreigner here and, as such, still have the capacity to be surprised by those exclusive "American things."

And let's start with something I shot last weekend in Athens, Alabama. A rodeo clinic conducted, among others, by ex-rodeo champion and bareback instructor David Fowler, from Rome, Georgia.