Friday, November 25, 2011


Slices of everyday life that remind me of the fact that I actually live and work here.

(It looks like their team wasn't doing too well...)


Michael Clark said...

Jero- Great shots all, but I especially like two of them.
The first one which says it all about hanging around the "shop" in a small town.
The other one that really grabs my attention is the cotton field. The way the different elements in the image filter the low angle sunlight reminds me of the way a painter can take one color, create several slightly different hues by mixing in tinting and then use different sizes and types of brushes to create varied textures and shades with the same basic paint.

Jeronimo Nisa said...

Woah, Michael, I didn't know all those things could be seen in the picture of the cotton picker! Thanks; you made me feel like an artist...

You're right on the money about the first shot. That's the reason why I took it, and that'll probably be the next photograph I'll feature in the "Behind The Lens" column.

ata said...

amazing shots Jero!