Tuesday, September 1, 2009



The 2009-10 football season started last week

But before that, we spent a couple of weeks taking portraits of selected players for the football special section published on Sunday. I was in charge of the cover, and for that I took the players out of the usual places (locker rooms, football fields) and photographed them in different spots of their respective towns. Behind each of those portraits there's a long story (maybe I'll tell them some other time...)

The nice thing about the first two weeks is that you still can shoot the first 10 minutes of the game without using flash. Come mid September and you can forget about it... well, unless you have a nice Nikon D3 and shoot at 6400 ISO. My newspaper bought one of those a couple of weeks ago. Problem is there's 3 photogs shooting HS football, and the most veteran will probably get to use it (which I completely understand: the guy has spent 15 years shooting football with flash... I think he deserves better). As for the rest of us mortals... well that's -shooting with flash- actually the meaning I give to "Friday Night Lights."