Saturday, October 15, 2011


Yeah, it's that time of the year...
A new haunted house in Courtland, AL. These guys have done an awesome work transforming the old Courtland High School into something magical. The place is, obviously, so dark that there was no way to take "action" pictures. So I settled for a portrait with three of the many actors. For this portrait I used a 5-second exposure during which we "painted" with a flashlight, and then, before the 5 seconds were over, I triggered a strobe hidden behind the actor on the left.

The next day, I did a video about the house. It was difficult to convey what the place is like without giving too much away at the same time. I was lucky that night there was a full moon and clouds.

You can watch it bigger on this link:Haunted House of Horror from Jeronimo Nisa on Vimeo.