Monday, July 9, 2012


Big weekend for "Driver." Two 14-hour days (Sunday was actually 15 hours for the crew because we had to pack everything up and do a bit of cleaning). It was exhausting, but a lot of fun at the same time. And with this, I'd say 80-85% of principal photography is now over! Many, many, many thanks to everybody involved, from actors to extras to NEW crew members to family members, who patiently waited for long hours for their actors to be done. Also, special thanks to Parkway Medical Center, which allowed us to shoot at the former Hartselle hospital, particularly to Tina Weeks, Kathy Goodwin and Blair Brothers. It was great to have among the extras some people that worked for years at Hartselle Medical Center before it was closed down. Thanks to the two security guards for their help (Erin, one of them, even performed as an extra during her time off!). But my biggest thanks of all goes to production assistant/set dresser/get-all-we-need/do-it-all Patti Hutchinson without whom all the weekend filming would have been simply impossible.
I know that some of you who were at the hospital that weekend are expecting to see here pictures of two particular scenes. I'm afraid I can't oblige. I've left those out because they would give away some key aspects of the plot.
As I review all the pictures I've taken, I can't help thinking how hard Gwendoline's role is. Not easy for a seven-year old to spend the whole movie lying down on different surfaces: a couch, a hospital bed, a gurney, an operating table and the front seat of a truck. What makes her work even harder is the fact that she says only TWO words in the entire film (if you really knew how much she likes to talk, you'd perfectly understand what I'm saying...)
From left, Joseph Frank, Ryan Hunter and Gwendoline Jory.
From left, Phillip Spratt, Ingrid Felts, Kevin Meier, Ryan Sims, Joseph Frank and Ryan Hunter (or simply "Hunter").
Unfortunately, the only area where the air conditioning wasn't working was the top floor. The operating rooms are on THAT floor. Add the gowns, drapes, head and shoe covers, gloves and, specially, the two huge lamps and you'll understand why Hunter was using the slate as a fan for Gwendoline between takes. If you wonder why Ingrid was checking her iPhone during such delicate moments... well, she was actually reviewing a surgical procedure on Youtube she had been studying over the previous days. That speaks volumes about her professionalism and dedication.
Jace Haggermaker before shooting a scene he didn't know would demand so much physically from him and how much he would sweat.
Jace after the above mentioned scene...
Mamie! Why are you laughing during such dramatic scene?!?!?
Now, that's muuuuuch better.
And this is definitely my favorite meanest look of the whole movie!
See you soon, gang!