Wednesday, January 17, 2007

here we are!

Frankly, I never thought of having my own blog. No, wait, I'm lying: I had the temptation just once (that was looooong ago) and decided against it. Well, I can't avoid it any longer since I'm now obliged to have one as part of my Picture Story & Photo Essay class. Anyway, I think it's going to be funny. I promise I'll try to do my best so that this blog may not be too boring (though most likely David Rees, my professor, will be its only visitor -almost).

Tomorrow (Jan. 18, 2007) I'm going to take pictures of Rodney Atkins. He's performing at The Blue Note in Columbia, MO. For those of you who are not into country music, Rodney Atkins is a big name here these days. Two of his songs, "If You're Going Through Hell" and "Watching You" are #1 in the country charts. You can check them at So, I hope my second entry in this journal will be fun... Watch this space in the next few days!

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Paolo Gangi said...

Anch'io sono qui.
E allora preferisco lasciare il mio commento qui piuttosto che inviartelo via mail.
Anch'io ho un blog personale di tutt'altra specie e che seguo purtroppo molto dirado.
Ti faccio i miei migliori auguri Jero auguri dall'Italia.