Tuesday, May 26, 2009


A couple of months back, I posted some pictures here, the very first ones I took of a story I was working on. I finished it and it was published two sundays ago. I think I'm lucky to work for a newspaper that gave me 2 and a half pages for that. Not the kind of thing we're used to in these times of less and less print. Yeah, true, it was in the lifestyles section, but who really cares?

I also did an audio slideshow for the newspaper's website. You can listen to Collis Crayton and see more pictures by CLIKING HERE


katie said...

wow! that is a ton of photos! congrats... i really like that top one on the first page.

Máster en Nubes said...

como siempre Jero me emocionan tus fotos. Son más EEUU que EEUU ;-)

Gary Cosby Jr. said...

I never did congratulate you on this work. It is really very good and, to be honest, I never have seen anyone labor over the sound of a flushing toilet as long as you did! (Grin) Nice work!