Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nikon flashes

I'm definitely a Canon shooter, but when it comes to flashes I think Nikons are better. I had to take some portraits of these HS football players (Jeremy Cox, Brandon Heavens and Harris Gaston). The assignment was at noon; so I took with me the strobes, umbrellas, reflectors, battery packs and all that stuff. But when I got there I realized I had left the light stands on my desk in the newsroom. Didn't want to ask anyone to hold the lights because the grass had been watered just before the photo shoot and you never know what weird things electricity may do. Long story short, I decided to use just my off camera flash (we shoot with Nikons here in Birmingham). I had tried similar things before with a Canon flash before and never got results like these ones. And although it's not a killer portrait, at least Nikon saved my ass.
Thanks to Angelo (a student who happened to be there) for holding the flash and to the field keeper (forgot his name) for holding the helmet.
I stole the idea from portrait Jeremy Harmon shot in Provo about a year ago...

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steveremich said...

good thinking. They don't look in to it, but that is tough to get out of people.