Friday, June 22, 2007


That was a good class, man. I won't say "i'm gonna miss those guys" because i am already missing them.
For those of you who don't know them, let me do the introductions:
BACK ROW (from left): Josh Vince (currently shooting for the McAllen Monitor, in TX); next is me; Adrianne Bonafede (currently shooting in the mountains of North Carolina, in a musical place called Braveheart, Bereaved, Brownwoods, or something like that --sorry, Adrianne, I just never got it right); Bea Wallace (currently working as picture editor for Time in NYC); Magda Sakaan (Columbia Missourian ADOP, but not for long: she's about to move to Jordan --or is it Syria?); Aaron Eisenhauer (currently working for a newspaper, whose name I can't remember either, in Cape Girardeau, MO); Stephen Nellis (currently working for a newspaper somewhere in the California desert --could it be Barstow?); Andrei Pungovschi (working for the AP in Seattle).
FRONT ROW: Adam Wisneski (working for a newspaper in Tulsa, OK) and Brandon Kruse (working for the Courier Times in Philly).
There's one person missing, the one who took this picture, David Rees.
David, you should send us another one with you in it.
Cheers, guys.


Brandon said...

DUDE! That's the best picture I've seen on anyone's blog, every. Well, I guess if David took it that kind of makes sense. I really miss Missouri man. I wish I could come back for one more year with everyone. You guys rock, what a class! Pretty cool that we all got jobs...except David. Sorry David, guess you'll have to stay at Missouri another year.

adrianne said...
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adrianne said...

We are a cool class. Hanging out in MO again would be cool. I miss you guys!

Jero, it's Brevard...came close : )

ParkerMB said...

i always knowed that you was a tight group. a lot of talent, im glad i got to talk with some of you. i added a blog here over the summer, if anyone wants to add it id love the feedback.