Friday, May 25, 2007


Ok, I hardly stopped to take pictures during my long drive from CoMO to Provo, but I'm gonna throw a couple of them in here (trip/calendar type of thing)...


I stayed for the night at Katheleen's (Sarah Byrne's sister), her husband Kevin and their little daughter Stella

They live in Centennial, Wyoming, a little town (population: 100) up in the mountains. This is how you see Centennial from my friends' porch

These are a couple of miles up the mountain from Centennial

I really love Wyoming. Wonderful light...

This is the Provo Canyon, which basically leads to the city of Provo (on the other side of that mountain)

My newspaper

On my very first day in Provo, my boss, Jeremy Harmon and his wife Amanda took me to the Salt Lake City Zoo. I took this picture while they were looking at the bears (can you tell why they call him "TALL J"?)

In Provo, no matter where you are or where you go, you always see mountains. This is the view from my (ex) bedroom's window


Laura said...

The light in that road shot was dead on! cute pics of the toddler!

satsuma said...

If I can judge a book by it's cover, then your boss looks chill and relaxed. And I enjoy the picture where the toddler's head is resting on the carpet.

andrei said...

Ok, I've had enough with the touristy pictures. Get your shit together and post some of your work too!!!!